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Global Studies Program

Program Description

The MRHS Global Studies Program offers students an opportunity to go beyond the standard MRHS curriculum to make connections to the larger world.  It is designed to challenge students to expand the scope of their education, and prepare them to be active global citizens. The culmination of the program is the awarding of a Global Studies Diploma at graduation in addition to the standard MRHS diploma, granted based on the successful completion of the program components.

Program Components


Students will apply for the program by submitting a form to the director including a reflection on their interest

Second/third quarter of grade 9 or grade 10

Required Courses

Students will complete a world language through level III, World History, and TWO of the following: Environmental Science/Marine Science, Global Art and Design, Global Studies, and Creative Writing: Thinking Globally

Grades 9-12


Students will take six credits (three semesters) of classes beyond the required curriculum in Science, Social Studies, Language (World and/or English), or the Arts

Grades 9-12

Essential Question

Students will design an Essential Question that expresses the focus they will pursue for their work in Global Studies, subject to review and revision

Grade 10

Journal Assignments

Students will complete quarterly journal assignments making connections between their Essential Question and their studies

Grade 11

Global Studies Meetings

Students will attend meetings held regularly on a variety of subjects - some specific to grades/groups, some of general interest

Grades 10-12

Global Experiences

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a global experience, such as the Global Service Trips organized by the Global Studies program

Grades 10-12

Senior Capstone

Students will submit a proposal sophomore or junior year for a capstone project to be completed during their junior and/or senior year, including a research project on a current issue or idea within their concentration, developed from their Essential Question, culminating in a public presentation of their work

Grade 12

Program Expectations

  1. Students will complete all the required elements of the program 
  2. Students will receive an 80 or above in all required courses and graded components
  3. Students will attend at least 75% of the Jawsome meetings that apply to them
  4. Students who receive a 90 on all graded program elements, complete a world language through level IV, and who complete an AP course as part of their concentration, will be awarded a Global Studies Diploma With Distinction

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Global Studies Program Application

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