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Ad Lucem Award

Monomoy Regional School District

Ad Lucem (“toward the light”) is the underlying principle that guides our district and all our students. This is represented in the annual high school graduation award - see below for the criteria and past recipients.

Ad Lucem Award Criteria

  • Positive role model that demonstrates integrity, compassion, and empathy for others
  • Outstanding commitment and service to the school that motivates others to get involved
  • Selflessly contributes to the school’s culture 

2024 Winners:
Faculty: Jessica Friedman
Staff: Betsy Casey
Students: Talia Tambolleo Perez, Susannah Brown, Rafael Oliveira
Community Member: Mark Russell

2023 Winners:
Faculty: Robert Smeltzer
Support Staff: Tara Lee
Students: Hope Jorgensen and  Maximus Weinberg
Community Member: Derrick Spurrier

2022 Winners:
Faculty: Michelina Oliver
Staff: Taylor Murray
Students: Grady Howell, Courtney Kelley, and Zihan Rao
Parents: Jodi Blute, Michelle Canto

2021 Winners:
Faculty: Dr. James Otto
Staff: Gibson St. John
Students: Andrew Davock and Maggie Dever
Parent: Jill Notaro 

2020 Winners
Faculty: Jennifer Police
Staff: Jonathan Randall
Students: Emma Santoni and Liam Mawn
Community Members: Ed McManus and David Whitcomb
Parents: Kathy Currie and Simon Evans

2019 Winners
Faculty: Denise Creedon
Staff: Nicholas Seeley
Students: Erin Starkey and Samuel Yuskaitis
Community Member: Kat Szmit

2018 Winners
Faculty: Richard Houston
Support Staff: Katie Kelly
Students: Grace Boyle and Tommy Graham
Parent: Julie Santoni

2017 Winners
Faculty: Angelina Chilaka
Support Staff: Joanne Weekes
Students: Colleen Cronin, Jack Watson

2017 Awards News Release

2016 Winners
Faculty: Kelly Terrenzi
Support Staff: Holly Thyng
Students: Matt Hall, Molly Doncaster

Origin of Ad Lucem Award

At a Culture Committee meeting in 2015, Principal Bill Burkhead suggested that we establish Monomoy HS traditions. Teacher George Sowpel mentioned the idea of starting an Ad Lucem award, an award that would be based on what our district motto signifies. Teacher Lisa Forte Doyle added that the award be granted to those who spread the most light.

When Monomoy came together in 2012, the new district chose a lighthouse as its symbol to convey the mission of why we are here today: To be that beacon, that light - that not only guides and helps students on their journey but also to be that safe harbor against the raging storms and difficulties that life sometimes brings to all of us.

Teachers Bob Smeltzer and Rich Houston then proposed a Latin motto for the new district. Bob shared the idea with his 7th-grade daughter, Erin, and using Latin reference materials, she suggested Ad Lucem, toward the light, to complement the lighthouse theme and to reflect the values that we share as an educational community.

We trust this award reflects the essence of who we are as a school and community. The award recipients are selected by students, faculty, and staff.