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Oak Street Academy

Welcome to the Oak Street Academy (formerly the Alternative Learning Program) at Monomoy Regional High School.  

We are a group of people dedicated to helping students graduate high school and prepare for life in a challenging and increasingly complex world. Students in our program belong to one of two groups - some spend the morning working on academics in our classroom - and travel to placements in the community during the afternoon. This can be a job, an internship or another activity matched to the student's interest or passion such as painting with a local artist or teaching riding lessons. The second group works towards credit recovery and developing work skills in the morning with afternoon classes. 

There is no typical student in our program. Some have scored in the advanced categories on the state tests, earning the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship, while others struggle with traditional classroom learning. It is open to all students including those in special education and those who are not. Entrance begins with the recommendation of a guidance counselor and involves an application, essay and a competitive interview process. The ideal candidate is someone who has a strong desire to be successful in and out of school but has encountered some roadblock(s) along the way. Typically students enter the program during their junior or senior year - and have an opportunity to earn back missing credits through our online learning component. 

We follow the same state standards for curriculum as other departments in the high school, and hold to rigorous academic and behavioral standards. The combination of a smaller setting (typically under 16 students), fewer teachers, and a counseling component, allow for a more individualized and real world approach to student learning. We strive to create a sense of 'family' within our program and students play a large role in accessing and taking responsibility for their education.  

We are a team of people working together to help each student be the best they can be - volunteers from the community including scientists, business professionals, retired educators and artists work alongside our staff to create an engaging, supportive and challenging learning experience for everyone. We are driven by the premise that every young adult we work with is precious and deserves the same opportunity we would want for ourselves and our families.

Matthew Sullivan

Matthew Sullivan

Program Director

∼  It is never too late to become the person you want to be ∼

Grad 2017
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